Staging Kahani in a Dev Theme

While you are able to preview your story blocks as you create theme from the Kahani Portal - it is also important to preview your story blocks on your website itself before going live to verify the styling and give final approval on its display. Follow the steps below to stage Kahani inside of a Shopify development or test theme to use for internal review prior to making your story block live.

Duplicate your production theme

  1. From your Shopify Store Dashboard, navigate to the "Themes" manager
  2. Select your live theme by clicking the ellipses and select "Duplicate"
  3. Rename the duplicated theme to "Kahani Test"

Activate the Kahani app block inside of the Kahani test theme

  1. From your Kahani Test theme select "Customize"
  2. Determine which version of Shopify your theme uses and refer to our implementation documentation for the remaining steps. Begin on Step 2 once you have selected your Shopify version.

Preview your Kahani test theme

  1. From the "Themes" manager select the ellipses and select "Preview"
  2. This preview link will remain current for two days 
  3. Adjust the placement and styling of Kahani as needed. Refer to our Styling Kahani Guide.
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