Content Specifications

Story Thumbnail Content Specifications

  • Thumbnail images should be 250px by 250px
  • The “bubble” crop is applied by Kahani’s software
  • Gifs should be under 20KB

Chapter Content Specifications

  • Chapters should be at least ~375px wide by ~640px tall
  • Dimensions are not exact because every device has a different display size, but maintaining a ~10:17 aspect ratio tends to perform well across a range of device sizes
  • Images should be compressed to below 512 KB
  • All stories must start with a photo (can be animated or a GIF), videos can only be used in the 2nd chapter onwards
  • We recommend videos be below 2MB and shorter than 10 seconds (optimal length is 5-6 seconds)

    Chapter Design Template
    💡 Use this to make sure your chapters are easily viewable and not cut off. Different devices have different screen sizes.

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