Launching your first stories

Tell your story: Growing your business with Kahani

Kahani unlocks endless storytelling possibilities. This quick start guide will help you create your first round of stories to increase engagement and drive sales. 


Kahani allows you to embed interactive stories anywhere on your eCommerce website. A group of stories shown together is called a Story Block. Each Story contains multiple Chapters (each their own image, video, or GIF) that together form the narrative you want to tell. 

Conversion rate can be 2x higher (or more) when a customer engages with at least 1 story. Here are some tips to drive engagement and maximize Kahani’s impact. 

  1. Embed story blocks on your most viewed pages, ideally on those representing at least 50% of your overall page views. 
  2. Show stories “above the fold” on your pages. Engagement with all parts of a page tends to decrease substantially as a customer scrolls down. Place Kahani below your header for maximum user recognition.
  3. Choose engaging story names and thumbnail images. Eye-catching GIFs work best when paired with short, specific story names. 
  4. Make each story short and sweet. Aim to have ~5 chapters for each story. Choose a mix of images, short videos (< 8 seconds), and GIFs with a clear Call-To-Action (e.g. Shop Now, Join Free, etc.). 

Choose how to get started

I want to help my customers…

Check out some examples below and use this Story Planner template to generate your first set of stories.

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