Best Practices

💡 Helpful tips to create highly engaging stories to improve your site experience based on what we’ve learned works well in our private beta.

  1. Create sandwiches 🥪
    1. Mix and match between series of images and bite sized videos to keep people engaged (i.e. ~2 pics:1 video:2 pics:1 video…repeat).
  2. Keep it fast to keep attention 👁️
    1. We recommend you create stories that capture the audience’s attention from the first frame and use speed (~5-8 sec chapter dwell) to keep their attention. We also recommend no more than 5-7 chapters per story.
  3. Show > Tell 📺
    1. Focus on featuring real people, benefiting from using your product. Avoid text to optimize content for browsability/digestion. UGC, PR clips typically work well here to create trust and credibility.
  4. Amplify what works w/ Kahani 📣
    1. Use Kahani to get visitors to see what you want to show them in just a few taps. Leverage knowledge of top forming ads, best sellers, or highly-engaged site content to persuade your audience to buy and/or address concerns.
  5. Be your buyer 🛍️
    1. Think about where your buyer is in their journey, what they saw/did before, and what they need to see/do next to make a purchasing decision.
  6. Use an Obvious Call-to-Action 🅰️
    1. Using a clear call-to-action in your chapters encourages a user to take action. Make sure to use Call-to-actions that relate to your overall goal. For example, with a chapter that has a specific product “shop now” will help drive users to the product page to learn more.
  7. Create at least 4 stories per story block 📖
  8. Create 4-6 chapters per story 👂
  9. Base your stories off of what already works for your site 💥 
    1. Best Sellers
    2. New Arrivals
    3. Seasonal Campaigns
    4. Use your main product buckets

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