Publishing Rules

Publishing Rules can be thought of as page targeting rules. These rules define which Kahani story block will appear on a specific page of your website. The publishing rules are read from top to bottom and must be ordered as such.

Step 1: Create A Publishing Ruleset

  1. Select 'Publish' from the lefthand navigation menu and select 'Create First Ruleset'.
  2. Select the story block you want to display.
  3. Create the URL conditions for the ruleset and save your changes.
  4. Test your ruleset by testing the real URL. Paste your URL into the input box and verify the URL condition is being met.

Step 2: Display additional Kahani Story Blocks

If you have more then one Kahani story blocks you want to display on your site, create a new ruleset and follow steps 1 - 4 from above.

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