Unknown Theme or Non-Shopify Site Kahani Installation

Shopify Unknown Theme Kahani App Block Installation

Install Kahani on non Shopify themes using the Kahani Portal snippet and wherever your website's code is edited.

Step 1: Detect your Shopify themeSelect 'Shopify Installation' from the Kahani Portal navigation bar.

  1. Copy the Kahani code widget.

<div id="kahani-target"></div>

<script src="https://cdn.prd.kahaniapp.com/kahani/kahani.js" async></script>
    window.addEventListener('kahaniReady', function () {
            shopify_shop: "<your site>.myshopify.com",
            targetId: "kahani-target"

Step 2 : Manually install the Kahani App Block

  1. Navigate to where your website's code is editable. If using an Unknown theme on Shopify navigate to your Store Dashboard. From the Online Store Dashboard under 'Themes' select 'Edit Code'.
  2. Select the file where you would like to install the Kahani App Block. The Kahani App Block can be placed anywhere on your site you would like it to display using this code widget. To start we suggest using "theme.liquid" and placing the App Block above the homepage's main content.
  3. Save your changes and exit the code editor.

Step 4 : Verify Installation

  1. Return to the Kahani Portal and select 'Shopify Installation'.
  2. Select 'Verify Installation'.
  3. Because you are using an Unknown or non-Shopify theme, our. portal will not be able to detect whether the kahani snippet was correctly installed. This is normal and expected. As long as you have manually installed the kahani snippet, you are free to begin creating stories.

Step 5: Style Kahani

  1. Use our Kahani Styling Guide to match your story block to your site's branding.

Uninstall the Kahani App BlockUninstall the Kahani App Block

Follow the process below to uninstall the Kahani App Block from your Shopify site.

  1. From the Shopify Online Store Dashboard select 'Edit Code'.
  2. Select the file where you installed the Kahani Snippet.
  3. Delete the Kahani Snippet from the file.
  4. Save your changes and exit the code editor.
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