Glossary of Kahani Terms

Story Block - A set of stories, represented to the user as a set of bubbles on a given page

Story - A set of chapters on a given page, represented to the user a singular bubble

Chapter - An image, GIF, or video inside a story

Kahani App Block - The web element displayed on a site containing the story bubbles. This often where much of the custom CSS is applied to match the look and feel of Kahani to your site

Kahani Portal - The backend editor where you create, manage, and publish your Kahani content.

Chapter screen - The full-screen view of a given chapter within a story

CTA - The call to action button that optionally appears on a Kahani chapter screen.

Email overlay - The onscreen pop-up when an email CTA is clicked

Duration - The amount of time in seconds a chapter will be displayed before moving to the next chapter

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